$100 Staking package on ACR

How does winning a $100 staking package sound? that’s exactly what is on offer during the month of June on my twitch channel .

To take part use your w4rrior reputation points (the channels currency) to buy your tickets to be entered into the draw. !ticket max in the chat will allow you to buy the maximum tickets with your current points. You can earn Rep points in the following ways:

 20 rep points per 10 mins watch time. Subs get 4x Multiplier 80 rep points per watch time. new follower bonus 100 points. Subscriber Bonus Points 1000. Tip bonus 125 x $1 increments. Cheer bonus 125 X 100 Bits increments.

The rules of the staking agreement will be as follows:

The stake is for a 50/50 split on all money returned. The staking package is for the following buy ins:

  • 3x $16.50
  • 2 x $11
  • 4 x $6.60
  • 1 X $2.20

All tourneys must be played on ACR, and you must not have your sharkscope stats hidden.

Not got an ACR account? sign up here

Draw will be made using stream elements on June the 30th.

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