Depositing Crypto onto ACR Easily & Quickly

So you’re looking to deposit crypto currency on to Americas Cardroom but are unsure how to go about it, or the fees are putting you off? In this guide I will show you how to easily and cheaply deposit funds into your account.

First of,  Click here to sign up to Oobit the place to go to buy Crypto, register your account this will not take long. 

Once your account is created you are going to want to buy XRP, also known as Ripple.

We are using this crypto because it is currently the cheapest on the market to send.

There are two ways you can go about buying XRP from the Oobit client, the first method is to click the “Buy Crypto” option from the Oobit Banner at the top of your homepage.

On the right hand side you will now see a list of all Crypto’s that can be purchased, scroll down towards the bottom & you will see XRP.

The second method is the easiest, from your Oobit homepage, select the XRP logo from your homepage,  under the “My Wallets” list.

Once selected, insert the amount you wish to purchase.

Please note there is a minimum of $20 purchase amount, and the minimum amount to deposit onto ACR is $50.

Select your Purchase method, I personally use the Credit or Debit Card option, as it is the most convenient for me.

Please note some of the deposit options might not be there due to your jurisdiction. 

For the purpose of this guide I am going to purchase $95 worth of XRP, Including fees currently this is just shy of $100 in total. To view the fees included, click view fees.

Tick the Terms of your box, and click the buy now button.

Just like with all cryptos there will now be a slight delay whilst your funds are transferred from one wallet to another, this will take no longer than five minutes with XRP.

Your XRP is now in your Oobit wallet, and you are ready to transfer your funds to your ACR account

Open up your ACR account select deposit, Cryptos, then select Ripple, you can also use the search box too.

Input the amount you wish to deposit click the green box “ Get Address”

Copy the Address by clicking on the clipboard logo to the right.

Now you want to open up your XRP wallet on Oobit, Insert the amount you wish to send to ACR in my case $95. Click on the “To:” box & Select add wallet address

You will now need to paste in the xrp wallet address + the destination tag from the ACR client

I recommend adding a description this way you can tell one address from another if you add others at a later date. Now press the “Add” Button.

You will now be prompted to check your email and confirm the address. Once confirmed you are ready to press send, and your XRP will be on its way to ACR. The fee to send your Ripple is just 0.24.

 Again with all cryptos there will be a delay in sending your funds from your Oobit account to your ACR one.

And that is it, I hope you found this article helpful 🙂

Want to know what Ripple is and if its a good investment? click here to read an article about it.

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