Deuce to seven

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw


Deuce to Seven Triple draw is a lowball draw game played with five cards.

The aim of the game is to have the lowest possible hand. Ace is classed as a high card.

23457 is the best possible hand, Straights & flushes count against you as these are high hands. 

There are four rounds of betting , the 1st round of betting  is called pre draw, this is before players have the opportunity to discard cards. You can discard all five cards if need be, or you can keep all five, this is known as standing pat. 

2-7 Is for the most part played as fixed limit, although you will find some variants of pot limit & no limit online.

The game is played as a 6 player maximum game, Dealer button, small blind, and the big blind are used just like in Hold em and other draw games, the action just like the other games go clockwise, left of the dealer is first to act after each draw.

First betting Round. (Pre draw)

Just like in holdem the player who is left of the big blind is first to act. If they want to play their hand they can either limp (putting in the small bet amount) or raise ( doubling the bet amount)  so if the blinds are 10/20 a single raise would be 2×10 chips (20) 

Betting is usually capped to 4 raises per draw, so with blinds at 10/20 the maximum amount a player could voluntarily put into the pot is 4x 10 chips (40)

Second betting Round.  (1st discard round)

The player who is in the small blind (left of the dealer) is 1st to act, they can discard or stand pat,  the action goes clockwise until the player who is last to act has made their decision. And then the betting begins again with the player left of the dealer to go first, their decision is to either check (to not put chips into the pot) or to bet. The first betting round the bet amount you can bet is equivalent to the small blind. 

Third Betting Round. (2nd discard round) 

This round plays out exactly the same as the 1st discard round, except the bet amount now is equal to the big blind. 

Fourth Betting round ( 3rd and last discard round)

This betting round plays out  exactly the same as the 2nd betting round.

Once the action is complete the winning hand will win the pot. 

If nobody has made a hand that consists of five different rank cards, e.g 24578 

Then the player with the lowest pair wins.

22468 would beat 33457 

If two players have the same pair then the player with the lowest highest rank card wins.

22468 would lose to 22467 because 8 is higher than 7.

There are 4 combinations of “7 low” hands you can make.

23457 is the best possible hand.

23467 is the second best possible hand,

23567 is the third best.

24567 is the fourth.

Things to remember:

Any five cards of different rank, as long as not all of the same suit beat a pair or better, so: 

268JA would beat 22347.

34567 is a straight and will not be classed as a lowball hand., the only way you could win with this hand is against a higher straight, a flush. A full-house and four of a kind would also lose to a straight but this scenario should never occur unless someone is playing five card draw by mistake.

Because ace is high only, A2345 is not classed as a straight, so it will beat any pair or 2 pair. 

TonyW4rriorz Top top

3456X as a starting hand  may look pretty on paper, but it leaves you with very little outs, if you catch a 7 you have a straight the same with a Deuce, realistically you will be looking for an 8 only, which will give you a mediocre 8. 

Fold most hands that draw to a straight in 2-7.

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