Jackpot Spin’s Challenge on America’s Cardroom During May, You could win $100

During the Month of May I will be spinning it up on the Jackpot spin tables.

The main goal is to try and make a profit, sound familiar? 🙂

I will be playing one or two tables at a table to try and focus as much on my opponents betting tendencies etc , a crucial part of 2/3 handed play.

I’m curious to see just how much volume I can get in, what winning Percentage I can achieve, and to see if we can get lucky and hit a good multiplier, recently I took part in the ACR Stormers $100k challenge, and spins was part of the challenge.

We had to play 50 games in total, for every win we had, 5 points were added to our overall score. I won 23 out of 50 games for a more then respectful win rate of 46%.

To hype things up, I’m encouraging you guys to come and battle me, whoever wins the most games against me will win $100, paid at the start of June. The player must have been on my twitch channel during the month of May. I will only be playing Spins whilst I am streaming.

I will start by playing the $2 spins, this will increase to $5 if I go up 40 buy ins in profit.

Good luck everyone I hope to see you on the felt battling.

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