Oobit $1000 Giveaway during the Month of July

Hold onto your hats, this July is going to be fast paced, four streamers across the twitch platform are going to be showcasing frantic marble action, not only can you take part for free, but you can also win up to $100 in each streamers monthly leader-board, all thanks to the guys over at Oobit , the place to go to buy crypto currencies quickly and conveniently using your credit or debit as well as many other payment options.

Each streamers monthly leader-board will be paying out a whooping $250.

Prizes as follows:

1st place $100

2nd place $75

3rd place $50

4th place $25

Watch the action on the following twitch channels:

Streamer direct links:

Please make sure you have created a Oobit wallet, without it you will not be able to claim your prize, prizes are paid out in Ripple aka XRP, once it is in your wallet it is up to what you do with it, send it to friends or family, another wallet, or perhaps an online casino, Americas cardroom are currently accepting XRP deposits.

As well as the $250 monthly giveaway, on my channel I will be doing a bonus giveaway of $50, it pays to race, 5 racers/viewers that do not finish in the prizes, will have the chance to win $10, must have raced a minimum of 20 races.

I will be linking the results of the leaderboard and updating events over the month in this article, check back soon to see what the latest news and results are.

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