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The unseen pressures
Streaming can be a highly rewarding but also a highly stressful experience, especially when it becomes your main source of income. As someone who has been streaming poker on Twitch for close to 5 year I can attest to the challenges that come with it. When I first started streaming, there was no stress. It was an exciting opportunity for me to showcase my knowledge for poker especially mixed games, games I excelled at. I …
Climb the tower in the fewest moves.
Screenshot your best score in my discord. the person with the fewest moves win. Tower Climbing Game Tower Climbing Game Building Height: 500m Move Up Player Position: 0m Play Again Escape The House Guess which door to take to escape the house: Left Middle Right Lottery Picker Game Lottery Picker Game Click the button to pick your numbers: Pick Numbers Your numbers: Drawn numbers: Score: 0
Random games
TonyW4rriorz The Degenerator is back! Randomise my number Find The Treasure to win Treasure Map Game Treasure Map Game Select the correct square to find the treasure. You have 3 lives. Refresh Button Refresh Page Step up and Let's throw Dart's To win at this game throw a number greater then 40 with3 darts. There are no doubles or treble's 0 0 Throw dart Refresh game
In the Midst of a Turbulent downswing
Hey I'm not the only one, we have all been there. the question is how to get out of it? To be honest I think there is a bigger question, why am I in a major downswing? The easy answer would be it's just variance. It's part and parcel of MTT Poker. yes this ring's true for downswing's in general but there is more to it imo. Ive asked myself why am I enduring such …