Badacey Game Rules


Badacey is a LowBall split pot Game , not to be mistaken for a High low game.

Half of the pot is awarded to the best Badugi Hand, A234 four different suits aka a rainbow hand is the nuts.

And the other half is awarded to the best Ace to Five hand. A2345 is the nuts. flushes and straights do not count against you.

So the best hand you can make in Badacey is A2345 for the best A-5 with the A234 being rainbow to have the best Badugi as well. Always remember Ace plays low in Badacey

Just like Badugi & A-5 there are 3 Discard rounds, the betting is fixed limit although this could be adapted in Home Games etc.

Top Tip

TonyW4rriorz Top Tip 

when a strong Badugi is made be aggressive in most instances you will be guaranteed to win half of the pot, and will be freerolling to win the entire pot.

Remember Straights And flushes do not count against you, so hand strengths are alot stronger. A, 7 low hand multi way is by no means a very strong hand, unless you have a good Badugi to go with it.

More in depth game rules on Badugi & Ace-Five can be found in their respective categories. 

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