April 20, 2024
2020 poker

There is a regular saying at this time of year “just where has the year gone?”
It’s absolutely flown by. It only feels like the other day I was outlining my poker & Twitch goals.

I can’t remember my exact goals to be honest for 2019, but I know I didn’t hit them, not the long term ones at least. My Twitch channel has not grown much, in fact it has kinda gone in the opposite direction with fewer viewer numbers, am I disheartened by this?
Hell no, there were reasons for this. A Major factor was my consistency was nowhere near where it needs to be, and to be brutally honest with myself the content at times was way below par.

My mental health was in part due to this and I also have myself to blame for not giving it my all.
I had set myself a goal of winning $1000 in a single tournament, considering I’m a mixed games player and mainly a micro one at that it was going to be a hard task to achieve. I did have several chances to try and make this happen though. Several higher buy ins were played either by me winning tickets via satellites or by staking arrangements.

The higher buys in for the most part were a hit and miss, there were a couple of min cashes, the 1st one coming near the start of the year in a $109 2-7SD event. But for the most part they did not go particularly well, hard to pinpoint exactly why, perhaps just a small sample size, or perhaps a mentality thing when it comes to playing higher stakes.

The closest if you can call it that, was me finishing 4th in the $3.30 8 Game PKO Micro millions for just over $300 there was over $1000 up top including bounties.

My biggest disappointment in a MTT came in the Scoop $11 2-7SD I finished in 11th which I would have most certainly have taken from the start, however I was sitting pretty 2nd place out of 20 players remaining and I allowed myself to slip down , mistakes came in and I essentially ended up beating myself. Lessons were learnt though, I try my best to turn negatives into positives and there were plenty of those throughout the year.

So 2020 is just around the corner, I’m excited for the new year, I’m intrigued to see where my site will be I have lots of ideas for content, it’s just a case of me pushing myself to maintain frequent updates. 

As for the poker I will be setting myself a few challenges, for one reason to push myself another reason for viewer engagement, who doesn’t like a good ole challenge? 

My First one will be on SWC, £100>> to enough to buy a new PC.

There will also be challenges on Party Poker as well as other sites. 

Best wishes to all for the new year. Let me know what your goals/challenges are?

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