April 20, 2024
ACR Venom Fever

As you guys know I have longed for the chance to play in ACR’s Venom. This time around it is a PKO with a Guarantee of $5 million.

The ACR Stormers Have very kindly given me the chance and my fellow team mates the opportunity to try and win entry for free. Monday the 16th Of October will see us pit our wits against each other in a winning takes all SNG. All of the Stormers taking part will be Live streaming it on our Respective twitch channels.

What makes this opportunity so good is that you the viewers will have the chance to win some money too. Whoever wins the ticket, if they go on and cash will be giving away 25% of the prize, this really could be a huge pay day for all.

Have you dreamed about playing the Venom? check out the Venom Fever Satellite schedule.

Be sure to check out the full ACR Stormers Stream Team.

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