February 21, 2024

The Biggest cubed series comes to an end

ACR’s cubed series XII came to an end last night, with a multitude of day two’s playing out to a conclusion. Our community member Jsperl28 on Twitch, @Jsperl28 had a super deep run in the Boss #47 multi flight event.

The buy in was just $16.50 with a huge $250k guaranteed, The guarantee got well and truly smashed, with a total prizepool of $295,320. Just over 2300 entrants made it to day 2, which took just shy of 6 hours to play out. Our hero started day 2 in a comfortable position sitting 998th with a respectable 78 in big blinds.

Jsperl tells us in his own words how he got on.

“Playing in the boss #47 was great.  Going into it, I knew that it was going to be difficult to run deep, simply because of how many flights there were, and because the entry was so low for such a large guarantee, great value.  I thought just making it to day two would be a great accomplishment.

The Play the first day went well up until the last 5 minutes.  I lost about 40% of my stack with only a few people away from day two. my AK unfortunately did not hold up against AQ.  Despite the beat towards the end of day one, I was happy to make day two nonetheless, This guaranteed me a profit for the tourney and I still had enough big blinds to play my game.

Day 2 came and it was tough. With over 2300 players all trying to chip up, I Couldn’t get much going but was involved enough to maintain my stack for the first couple hours.  As the blinds increased I knew I had to start looking for good spots and taking some chances. I survived short stacked to the point where about 400 people remained, there were some tough spots, folding 9’s pre to a four bet jam wasn’t easy but it felt correct.

With about 300 players left, I thought I was going to be out.  I raised KK from mid position, the Big Blind defended. The flop came down 9 high with two clubs on the board. the BB led to which I  jammed.  They turned over J4 clubs.  my heart sank when the turn gave them the flush, luckily on the River was another club and I took the pot down with a King high flush, having thought I was out, at this point I went nuts in my chair and started to believe I could run super deep at this point we are sitting pretty with 33 bigs and just 250 players remaining out off the original 19’682 total entrants across all the flights.

DJM9163, a friend from Tonyw4rriorz stream was railing and keeping me updated to the pay jumps. I stretched that 33bb stack as far as I could despite being card dead

The only bad play I think I made was with about 45 people left, I raised A8 from the highjack and was called by the cut off.  Flop came 8 high and I checked, my opponent bet after some deliberation I check raised half my stack.  He had me covered and 4 bet jammed.  I ended up folding not knowing really what to do.  I think if I cbet (continuation bet) that hand goes differently”

shortly after that my chips were in the middle with QQ against AQ…flop came K310, turn 9, river J giving my opponent the nut straight and i was out in 37th.  The disappointed was real, but I was happy overall with the performance. and the $506 in the bank made it easier to deal with the bust out.  Never expected to run that deep in a tournament of that size.  But played and ran well and cant wait to do it again.

 As I was telling my buddy, i had never been that excited/nervous at any point playing poker, live or online.

The winner of the event won a cool $23,795.10, not bad from a $16.50 investment.

Congratulations to Jsperl once again for the deep run in the Boss #47 event on America’s Cardroom.

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