February 21, 2024
Frame of Mind

My Day 2 adventure of Micro millions starts in around 15 minutes, but before any of that, guys I have a problem. I’m not alone in this either.

Many might be content and just accept their current state of drifting through life & not pushing themselves to the max. to what they see, as the easy way out.

I’m talking about the fear of failure, the unwillingness to push ourselves because we feel we are not good enough. Many a time I have started projects Poker and non poker related and given up at the first hurdle. Either because it was to hard or I was not 100% happy with it. Perfection is something only the very few achieve and for those who’s to say it is what they perceive as perfection?

All I can do is keep pushing myself no matter how hard,. I have goals I have dreams these will never be achieved by simply giving up or not committing fully.

So onto day 2 and it is one if not my favourite game Deuce to 7 Single Draw. I had a good result on reflection in the $11 scoop finishing in 11th place, I would love to get to a FT in this event, but realistically as long as I play as well as I can I will have a good shot, For now I will leave it up to the Poker God’s, Good luck to those playing. I’ll update you guys tomorrow, Take care.

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