May 23, 2024
Micro Millions

To say I’m pumped for Micro Millions is an understatement. What has been a annual affair has now come around for it’s second showing this year. I think this adds to my excitement, the fact it came out of the blue nobody was expecting it.

The series is now in its third day and the first day I can play.

My goal last Micro Millions was a simple one, all be it not an easy one to achieve.,

It was to get to a final table. I was lucky enough to achieve this, not only was it a final table it was also a 6 man Final table which made it even harder to achieve.

The tournament in question was Micro Millions 130: $3.30 8-Game [Progressive KO], $7.5K Gtd.

PokerStars MicroMillions 3-30 8 Game PKO

I finished fourth for $319. On one hand I was extremely proud and happy and on the other very disappointed. On reflection mistakes were made very late stage in my worst game & a game that is hated by most Mixed games players. I am talking about Fixed limit Holdem of-course.

Nine player remained I was sitting in second place & was in a comfortable position. I got roped into playing a mediocre hand in the Big Blind against a raise from early. I cant remember my exact holdings to be honest they were not important, The main thing is it was not the time to be playing marginal hands, I say so often that I prefer to take it to the other games where I have an edge rather then gamble in FLHE.

Needless to say I lost the hand and a decent chunk of my stack. The most important thing is I learned from it though,. If I get in a similar position again, I will know to tighten up.

My goal this time around? another Final Table and from there who knows, I will be in a position to potentially take down a Trophy 🙂

Guarantees getting made no longer a Given?

There has been a number of Micro Million tournaments not reaching their Guarantees, this could be in part due to the time of year, Christmas is on the horizon and the series has started the same week as the Responsible Gambling Organisation have a week dedicated to enlightening people about the pitfalls of gambling.

I’m sure there has been other factors that have come into play for the lower then expected numbers, so far of course it is still early days.

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