February 21, 2024
At a loss

We all need a break from poker now and again. Admittedly for the last 5 years it has been something I for the most part never needed or wanted to do. Obviously being a fulltime sponsored streamer It is hard to financially just stop, in essence streaming is my income.

So Why the Need for a Break?

To be honest, I was mentally drained, lost in limbo with no idea of what direction to go in. I felt as though my stream identity had been lost over the last few years. Viewers come and go so quickly in the poker community. Most new are unfamiliar with my love of mixed games and have seen little success from myself due to me playing more and more Holdem, A game I can play to an average level, but in general have no edge in. In other words I used to have a lot of constant success, making FT’s near daily and winning trophies constantly. To Quote Tony G “Winners have more fun” and that is so true. Especially for someone like myself, If I am generally not winning I lose interest. I am ultra competitive by nature and need to get back to winning ways.

Results Excluding NLHE

the Last year I have been at a Loss Finding it Tougher & Tougher

I’ve been playing Online poker since 2006 and have had moderate success, always beating the games I played. Whether it be SNG’s or Mixed Games MTT’s. So you can imagine what it feels like to feel like no matter what you do you can no longer beat the games. This is where I need to take a step back and evaluate a few things. What has changed. Well to begin with the vast majority of my action has been on ACR, which I love to play on including the perks of daily 27% Rakeback which makes a huge difference to Stars for instance which pays next to nothing. But of course ACR does not have the amount or volume of mixed games that other sites offer.

How to Turn Things around?

So the answer is a relatively simple one, I need to get that passion back I need to find a good balance and start playing more of the games I love. I will be doing this alongside playing a lot more Omaha on ACR. Whether that be Cash or making time to play more of ACR’s PLO/PLO8 and Stud MTT variants on offer. Being from the UK my time zone does make this trickier, but again this is on me to find a solution.

Another thing I need to be doing is improve my NHLE game, I am if you will a little ignorant and perhaps arrogant to think this is something I do not need to do. I have always had the belief the best learning I can do is by playing, this may have rang true in mixed games where the field are a lot less clued up about how to play certain hands correctly. In other words the average NLHE player can play to a competent level, where as an average mixed games player can be far easily exploited by those who can play at a decent level.

Current Mtt Graph on ACR
Current ACR Graph

What do I have planned?

Moving forward I am looking to really adopt a proper BR challenge that includes playing solely the mixed games on offer on ACR. This will include Cash and MTT’s whilst Working on my NLHE game too as mentioned, I still want to play the tourneys that have the most potential, e.g the bigger fields on the weekends and the Holdem tournaments that are part of series such as OSS etc. I will be putting out consistent Blog posts and also the goal is to do Videos on games such as Stud8 etc.

2024 is going to be a big year and it is going to be the year I get the passion back for a game I truly love.

Thank-you for reading, Much Love. TonyW4rrioz ❤️️.

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