February 21, 2024
Pit Stop

Horse & cart for now, what lays ahead?

Sweet Shop

Ever since I was young I’ve always wanted my own business to be the one in charge. 

My dream as a kid was the stereotypical one of wanting  my very own sweet shop. A phase that most kids go through. But for me wanting my own shop or brand was something that never  really went away.

When I was Sixteen I worked as an apprentice doing painting and decorating the thought of owning my own decorating firm didn’t take long for me to muster up. That dream never materialised into anything of course.

My first real taste of working for myself if you can call it that, was buying and selling computer games on ebay,  I’d also scour charity shops and car boot sales in the hope of finding some real gems, sometimes it paid off but rarely did. My biggest find was buying two Sega Mega Drive games from an old fella at a flea market, just £2 the lot cost me and I sold the two combined for £60 🙂 The feeling I got from that once they had sold rivaled the feeling of taking down an MTT.

frog carrying stuff

Sadly after about a year and  & half of selling goods Life got on top of me, and the ever increasing sales mounted up before I knew it I had 30+ items sold regularly over a weekend period. What with my mental health and the burden of dispatching peoples items out on time it all got too much and before I knew it the negative feedbacks built up and my account eventually got closed down.

You might be wondering where this is all leading, I’m pleased to announce  I now have my own website. What with this my twitch streaming and playing poker I’m trying my utmost to make a living out of this. I’m pumped to start writing Articles, continuing to blog, and writing site reviews. 

I have an opportunity and I’m not going to let it pass i’m giving this my all I’d like to thank the kindness of others for making this happen, you know who you are. 


As the Famous shakespearean quote goes “The worlds my oyster”  I’m looking to not just eat but to have a banquet.  

It’s gonna be a slow grind but whats the number one rule of poker? Patience pays off! 

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