April 20, 2024
Poker Downswing

Hey I’m not the only one, we have all been there. the question is how to get out of it?

To be honest I think there is a bigger question, why am I in a major downswing? The easy answer would be it’s just variance. It’s part and parcel of MTT Poker. yes this ring’s true for downswing’s in general but there is more to it imo.

Ive asked myself why am I enduring such a long downswing and I’ve come up with quite a few answer’s.

Although some of these are just true to me, others will have similar reasons.

Here’s what I have noted.

• Leading up to the downswing I had some good result’s. Most noticeably 4th place in the $11 Sunday Squeeze for $3k.

• We went on holiday to Majorca to spend some precious time with my niece who is diagnosed with a untreatable brain tumour.

• Leading up to the start of the downswing there was a lot of hype, happiness and sadness. a mixed bag of emotions. I am a bipolar sufferer and things can get on top of me.

How did this all affect my poker?

• I believe I subconsciously tried to get that happy feeling back by over doing it on the felt.

• Playing too many tournament’s.

• Playing larger buy in’s then I should for loner periods (taking a few shot’s is fine)

• Gambling to much e.g playing certain spot’s I know I shouldn’t.

• Rebuying into to many tournaments per day and not keeping track of total buy ins.

There are probably quite a more psychological reason’s why my downswing has been as severe as it has been. I can always come back and edit this post when I think of others. For the time being I just wanted to get this post out there.

Please feel free to ask question’s about myself, what I play and the dreaded downswing. Ty guys

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