February 21, 2024

Long are the days, or so it seems of poker sites giving much back in terms of rewards to their Players. Here’s one of the many reasons I love ACR Poker:

27% Daily Rakeback!

What more needs to be said. No thrills, no gimmicks. Just straight to the point. A poker site that rewards players for putting in a grind, without the shadiness of pretending to give more value then they do. Poker-stars chests anyone? what a joke that is. No wonder the mighty stars have fallen.

Waking up seeing extra cash in your account every morning definitely helps with the poker grind and the stresses it brings.

Above you can see my Rakeback from ACR Poker.

Only you can prevent yourself from getting more rakeback.

There is no limit to the amount you can receive in daily rakeback. The more of a grind you put in the more the rewards will be. I’m somebody who for the most part plays Micro and low limit buy in MTT’s. I’d estimate I receive around $60 a month from daily rakeback. On other poker sites it would take me a lot longer to get near this amount.

Not only is America’s cardroom great at giving rakeback, it is also generous with it’s rake fees.

Who remembers the day’s when Hyper turbo’s used to have reduced tournament fees? Common place used to be 5% for Hyper’s and 10% for standard speed tournaments. Poker stars now do 12% fees on all tournaments regardless of speed.

Well ACR don’t believe in cutting their poker players short. Their hyper Tournaments and SNG’s (Sit and Go’s) charge just a 5% fee. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this saving of 5% will make to your yearly poker grind.

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