February 21, 2024

Every week starting May the force (4th) There will be two weekly staked races on ACR 50/50 split, where the weekly winners (winner From each race, with most profit) will each win a $11 stake.

Race one will be the 6:00AM EST, 11:00 AM BST $1.10 $400 Guaranteed there will be 5 winners drawn on my channel daily (days that I stream)

Race two will be the 3:00PM EST , 8PM BST $0.75 $375 Guaranteed Hyper Turbo. Again The winners will be drawn on my channel, for this race there will be a huge 10 Horses drawn.

All winnings will be split between myself and the cashing horse/s 50/50 not including stakeback so you get more winnings for yourself for cashing :O

Weeks Run from Tuesday- Monday e.g. A new week begins on Tuesday

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