February 21, 2024

I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to blogging i’m really bad, I suppose it’s meant to be spontaneous and I’m just not that good at doing things straight of the bat, or on a whim. Here I am blogging though after being pushed to do so by the missus, shout out to her 😀 .

I’d like to give a massive shout out to everyone who took part in the recent Freeroll series myself and Badbeat clothing organised on a small site called SWC. It was great to see so many of you getting involved in all the funkiness that mixed games have to offer. If nothing else I hope you guys enjoyed playing games such as Badeucy or 11Game, games you may not have played on any other site. 

We were joined by familiar faces from previous Series on Poker Stars, such as https://twitter.com/binestern who went on to finish in 3rd place, showing great consistency having made the top places of previous  leaderboards. Fellow Streamers 4cid https://www.twitch.tv/4cid/  and Maugr1s https://www.twitch.tv/maugr1s/ took part in the majority of the series, with Maugr1s channel being the go to channel when I unfortunately could not stream.

We were also joined by many new faces such as https://twitter.com/NnerdyWhite who went on and locked up second place. There was also an old face who I had not seen about on the twitch streets for awhile flibbedyflab as he is known on Twitch AKA Oompaloompa on SWC. He went on to take the series with a total of 185 points. For his efforts he  won 3k Chips , a personalised Jacket, A real life trophy :O and an SWC baseball cap, not to shabby huh. Finishing in fourth place was a veteran in the shape of https://twitter.com/TheShark_2  he had also done well in previous series. 

Commiserations to those who did not make the top four, for the additional prizes, especially to Obaming who finished one place outside of the prizes.

I had a disappointing series from my own perspective, I’d like to blame this on me being burned out with me doing a lot of streams both morning and evening , but I simply didn’t play well enough.  

I would like to say there will be another series, but at this moment in time I simply don’t know. I hope everyone really enjoyed it, and  I hope to see you guys continuing to enjoy what SWC has to offer.

It has been a really busy last few weeks for myself, I have recently joined the ACR Stormers, they are a fantastic group of guys and I have fitted in really well getting lots of support and raids during my first few streams. I was also interviewed by fellow mixed games enthusiast and friend of the stream https://twitter.com/poker4leisure check out the interview here.

I’m gonna call it a day here, I’ll be back with a proper blog in the not so distant future, thank-you everyone and a massive shout out to badbeat clothing once again for sponsoring the series.  Take Care, Tony

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